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This web site is designed to give you general information on traffic related issues.

It is not a substitute for legal advice.

Please be warned that court forms, laws and local rules change constantly. Though best efforts are made to keep this web site current, some of the information may be outdated.

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Traffic Fine Information
Method of Payment
To Contest an Infraction
Correctable Violations
Traffic School Eligibility
Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the traffic clerk by calling (209) 966-2005 or email traffic.clerk@mariposacourt.org

Traffic Fine Information:

It takes approximately 10 working days from the time the citation is issued until the court receives it from the issuing agency and processes it. If the address on your citation is correct, you should receive a courtesy notice in the mail stating the amount of your fine. The back of your courtesy notice will list your options so that you may take care of your citation in person or by mail. Traffic Division staff cannot quote fine information over the telephone unless we have the original citation from the issuing agency. If the address in your citation is not correct, and you do not receive a courtesy notice, you will need to contact the court after 10 working days to inquire about your fine options.

REMEMBER, you are responsible for clearing your citation on or before the due date indicated on the bottom of your citation, whether or not you receive a courtesy notice.

Method of Payment:

Traffic citations may be paid by cash, check, money order, or cashier's check. Traveler's checks will be accepted with proper identification and must be signed in the presence of the clerk in denominations close to the actual amount due. Two party checks are not accepted. If you reside ouside of the United States, funds must be by international money order. Defendants may request a payment plan on infraction citations due to financial hardship matters by coming into the Court Clerk's office and completing the necessary paperwork. Defendants who reside out of the area may send their request for a payment plan using a self-addressed, stamped envelope, to the court and the clerk will mail the necessary paperwork to the defendant.

To ask the court to consider your ability to pay due to financial hardship and decide whether to approve a reduced fine with a payment plan, you may schedule an appearance in court for arraignment without the deposit of bail.

**Note Regarding Credit Cards**

The Court now accepts online credit/debit card payments through Official Payments.

Official Payments Corporation charges a convenience fee to use this service to make the payment.  This charge is payable to Official Payments and is separate from the primary obligation you will pay the Court.

Credit and Debit Card Payments can only be processed for infraction and misdemeanor payments. For Trial by Declaration or to schedule a court trial you must send check or money order to the Court directly.

Click the following link to pay your fines online:

Click on the option for local payments. Enter Jurisdictional Code 7230, then select which Payment Type you are making (Infraction or Misdemeanor), and follow the prompts to make your payment.

Click HERE for more detailed instructions (Requires Adobe Reader)

If you have a hold on your Driver's License and are paying your fines through Official Payments to release the hold, note that there will be a delay in the release pending verification of funds.

We offer the following payment options to our Out of Country customers ONLY:

1. INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER. (We are unable to accept personal checks not drawn from a US Bank)


TELEPHONE: 209-966-2005 FAX: 209-742-6860

EMAIL: Traffic.Clerk@mariposacourt.org

WEBSITE: Mariposacourt.org

To Contest an Infraction:

If you want to contest an infraction ticket (plea of "not guilty"), you have two options: You can enter a plea of not guilty by appearing in court for arraignment and requesting a trial to be held at a later date when the officer will be present. If you would rather have your arraignment and trial to occur on the same date, you must make your request with the court in advance. This option does require a deposit in the amount of the scheduled bail and assessments and will be refunded to you if you are found not guilty. Call the Court Clerk's office at (209) 966-2005 if you have any questions about this process.

Correctable Violations:

Proof of correction can be obtained by having an authorized agent from any police agency fill out the certificate of correction located on the reverse side of the citation. If the violations charged on the citation involve expired vehicle registration, expired license, no license in possession, or any violation involving a DMV process, a representative from the Department of Motor Vehicles may fill out the certificate of correction.

The certificate of correction must be received by the court, along with the required fine, on or before the due date indicated on the courtesy notice or on the bottom of the citation.

Defendants may request one 30 day extension to obtain proof of correction by speaking with a traffic clerk. The clerk will need to know the citation number or the docket number located on the courtesy notice, when requesting the extension.

Traffic School Eligibility:

  1. You are eligible to attend traffic school only once every eighteen months. The time is calculated from violation date to violation date.
  2. You may attend traffic school if you are charged with an infraction violation that carries a DMV point count.
  3. If the citation contains any additional charges that require proof of correction, you must have those signed off prior to requesting traffic school.
  4. You must pay the full amount of bail, plus an additional $74.00 administrative fee, prior to attending traffic school. This can be done in person or by mail.
  5. You are responsible for contacting and attending the traffic school of your choice. You will be required to pay a separate fee to the traffic school you choose. To access the official DMV list of approved Traffic Violator Schools (once you have paid your traffic citation), please go to the "traffic school list" section at: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/olinq2/welcome.do
  6. You will be given sixty days to complete traffic school and submit your certificate of completion to the court. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED BEYOND THE INITIAL 60 DAYS.
  7. If you do not submit your proof of completion by the due date, your case will be closed and a conviction will be reported to the DMV. The $74.00 administrative fee will not be refunded.
  8. To request a payment plan for fine & traffic school fee, you may appear in court on your due date to see the Judge.
  9. If you are eligible for traffic school, and decide not to attend, you may be subject to an increase in your automobile insurance premiums.
  10. Cases in which a failure to appear charge has been added are not eligible for traffic school.


    The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) shall hold only one conviction in any 18 month period and not show on your driving record if you complete a traffic violator school program. This also applies to non- point count violations, which are not used to determine negligent operator by DMV. If you have attended another traffic school within eighteen months, DMV will not hold your attendance on this citation confidential.

    Your traffic citation will be continued for sixty (60) days to allow attendance and completion of the Traffic School Program and have your citation dismissed.

    1. Pay a non-refundable Administration Fee, plus the violation bail to the Court.
    2. Select the school from the list that will be provided to you.
    3. Contact the school of your choice within two weeks, pay the registration fee and register for the class.
    4. Successfully complete the course of instruction.
    5. Have the school complete the "Certificate of Completion"
    6. Return the "Certificate of Completion" by mail to CTSI @ 209 E Avenue K-8 Suite 210 Lancaster, CA 93535


    All of the above requirements are your responsibility and must be completed before sixy (60) days. Do not wait to sign up for the school or you may discover that the classes are full and you cannot complete classes and return the "Certificate of Completion" to the Court by the 60th day.


    If you fail to provide the Court with the required "Certificate of Completion" form within sixty (60) days, the fees paid to the Court per 42007 CVC will be converted to bail and be declared forfeited per 40512.6 CVC. The violation will be reported as a CONVICTION to DMV.



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